Did You Know? Heartbeat FM began its life as a pirate radio station in Dublin Ireland on the 14th of February 1986. The station broadcast from studios in Dublin’s city centre on 95.5 MHz FM. Almost from the beginning the station became hugely popular with Dublin listeners.

Did You Know? At its peak the station was attracting over 275,000 listeners a day in a market of just 1.4 million people. When the station closed in 1988 Heartbeat was the third most listened to radio station in the city.

Did You Know? In the summer of 1988 the Irish Government brought in legislation which would outlaw pirate operators and establish an independent body to oversee the awarding of commercial radio and television licenses. All pirate radio stations operating in the country had until December 31st 1988 to cease transmissions voluntarily.

Did You Know? On the 31st of December 1988 Heartbeat FM complied with the order and ceased transmission on FM.

Did You Know? Over the years Heartbeat FM has returned to the Dublin airwaves, most noticeably in the late 90’s and early 2000’s with limited success.

Did You Know? In early 2009 the stations management team looked into the idea of applying for a Temporary Sound Broadcasting Contract (RSL). It was first decided to create an on-line presence for the station so a tribute website was created to remind people of the stations past. Along with audio clips of the station from its two years on air a live stream was also set up to gage the public’s interest in the genre and the station itself.

Did You Know? The application for a Temporary License was made in the summer of 2010 and the station returned to the Dublin airwaves on the 10th of October at midday with the opening announcement been made by the original owner of Heartbeat Tony O’Hara.

Did You Know? From the opening song right up to the closing song, Dublin listeners fell in love with Heartbeat FM all over again. The station was a huge success attracting listeners from across the city many of whom remembered Heartbeat from the 1980’s.

Did You Know? Although the station was only permitted to broadcast for fifteen weekends Heartbeat became popular all over again. Many of the original presenters from the pirate runs of the 80’s & 90s returned to present programmes on the service. Personalities such as Bernard Evans, Gerry Clancy, David Hynes, Tony O’’Hara and Mike Williams were joined by new faces such as Chris Adams, Paul Wilson, Joe Doyle, Mark Manning, Vanessa Monaghan, Gary Mathews, Enda Cauldwell, Chris Maher, Niall Cassidy and Keith Shanley.

Did You Know? Since the closure of our Temporary FM license in December 2010 Heartbeat FM has continued to broadcast around the clock via the internet.

Did You Know? The station is now the most popular internet radio station emanating from Ireland. Here at Heartbeat we believe that internet broadcasting is the future and advances in technology have now made it possible for anyone to listen to Heartbeat FM anywhere in the world.

Did You Know? Heartbeat is carried on almost every internet radio portal available on the internet.

Did You Know? Heartbeat streams a 128Kbps Mp3 stream and a 64kbps AAC+ stream.

Did You Know? ……  Well now you do 🙂  now, just sit back and enjoy Heartbeat FM, the internets most romantic music mix.

Heartbeat FM
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