A taste of what our listeners have to say about Heartbeat FM

I wanted to write to you to say how much I enjoy Heartbeat FM. I have emailed song suggestions over the past year and I am delighted to hear them played on your station. Keep up the good work.

Michael Ronberg, Denver CO, USA Feb 14, 2020 

The only plus to this pandemic is Heartbeat FM. I first found your station while working from home and I have not turned it off since then. Each song is a classic and brings back a lot of memories. Thank you all for this wonderful service.

Gisella Abanto, Lima Peru, Peru Dec 17, 2020

I simply love the love song station. I really do and the more I listen to it the more I love it. The songs you play are songs that mainstream stations wont play. Well done to you all.

Will Collins, Bandon, Cork, Ireland Sep 28, 2018 

Greetings from Amsterdam. Thank you for this wonderful radio station.

Daan Visser, Amsterdam, Netherlands May 01, 2016

I have listened to Heartbeat FM for a long time and I really enjoy the service and the quality of the music selection is amazing. Every song brings back a memory of times past and loved ones who are no-longer here. Keep up the good work.

Christopher Shaw, London, UK Apr 07, 2016